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Congratulations, you have found the NEXT to the LAST PAGE, at the end of the Internet. You will have to turn around and go back. The page that you are looking for is not available here. There is only one more page. The Web will grow over night. There may be room for the page that you are looking for at that time. We invite you to to bookmark this page to check back with this web site later. You may need to adjust your browser settings. You are one of over 854,200 visitors to this, the next to the very last web page. Thank you for visiting the end of the internet.

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  • At your own risk, CLICK HERE to look into the abyss, and view the very last web page on the internet.

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  • Having reached this point, you may now turn off your computer and go into the world of the normal and begin to do something productive. 

  • You may try to go outdoors and breathe unprocessed air.

  • You may now meet those neighbors and family members who have been near you the whole time and have a beer. 

  • You also may begin facing reality (optional and untested.)

  • Go read a book (one with paper pages.) 

  • Talk with a live human. CAUTION they may talk back!

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This web service is brought to you on behalf of your Mennonite friends. Remember, electricity and computers are not good.


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