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This typical document outlines Medicare reimbursement for Blood and Blood related charges in Florida. No change in this paper has been made below the red line.




MEDICARE - ABN Notice Sample
MEDICARE - Blood Test Reimbursement and Coverage
MEDICARE - Blood Transfusion Reimbursement and Coverage


Florida Medicare Benefits Description - Year 2001

Part A Inpatient Benefits

Services Covered by Medicare

Hospital Inpatient
1st day to 60th day You pay $792 hospital deductible per benefit period
61st day to 90th day You pay $198 per day
Beyond 90 days You pay $396 per day beyond 90 days on each of 60 lifetime days
Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Care You pay $792 hospital deductible per benefit period limited to 190 days lifetime maximum
Skilled Nursing Facility
21st day to 100th day You pay $99 per day after 3 day hospital stay. Limit 100 days per benefit period

Part B Medical Services

Services Covered by Medicare

Physician services You pay a $100 annual deductible, a 20% co-insurance
including primary, and the remaining charges above the Medicare approved
specialist, podiatric, amount. Both the Medicare deductible and the
OB/GYN and chiropractic Medicare coinsurance are based on Medicare's
Surgical services approved amounts. The approved amount may be all.
including surgeon and of the bill, some portion of the bill or none of the bill
Diagnostic services For example
including laboratory tests If you have medical services costing $1000
and x-rays (outpatient) Medicare then approves $600
PAP Smears and Mammography Medicare will pay 80% of the amount approved
Immunizations Medicare pays 80% of $600 or $480
(Flu and Hepatitis B) You would be responsible for $1000 less $480
Ambulance transportation You would owe $520 to the providers in this example
Emergency Room Services
Physical, speech and
Durable medical equipment
Psychiatric physician care
BLOOD You pay for the first 3 pints of blood used each year
Transfusion of blood and bloodcomponents unless you have paid for them as part of your hospital
stay. For additional pints you pay 20% of the
approved amount
Home Health Care Unlimited visits for up to 21 consecutive days

Services Not Covered

Services Covered by Medicare

Routine Prescription drugs Oral Cancer and Immunosuppressive drugs covered Part B
Dental Services
Routine Eye Exams
Routine Hearing Exams

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