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The team is pleased to have the opportunity to provide this ever-growing resource source of easily understood information about Blood, Blood tests, Blood testing, Diseases and Disorders. There is a lot of information here. We have come to the realization that just because we may know where to find a particular bit of information on this web site, it may not be as easy for everyone to do the same. Following are some navigation tips for the web site.

At the top, click HERE for a word about spelling for our many friends and visitors to from the United Kingdom.

This web site has recently changed its appearance. All of the quality content remains. is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer and the most current versions of other web browsers. It is optimized for a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and utilizes JavaScript and graphics. For a detailed specification of what is sending out, and for a complete list of what is needed to best receive and view, click HERE.

   hardin-sm.gif (1994 bytes) maintains the University of Iowa Hardin Library for the Health Sciences Hardin MD Clean Bill of Health Award, given to the "best of the best" web sites. The Clean Bill of Health award is given only to top-level pages. All individual focus pages meet these same quality standards as well. We are grateful to the University of Iowa Hardin MD board for this honor.

Golden Web Award - 2001 - The International Association of Web Masters and DesignersSpeaking of quality, on April 30, 2001 was awarded the Golden Web Award for the year 2001 by The International Association of Web Masters and Designers. Our award is in the coveted Content Category, which is the most sought after Category of web awards, validating our efforts to provide a complete and easy to use service., the staff, the researchers and all of those of us who care so much about the published product, are grateful to our tens of thousands of visitors. We would like to thank the Golden Web Awards Board of Governors, its Panel of Judges, its staff and management for the award. We display it with pride and we will strive to earn it every day.

Take a couple of minutes to view our Privacy Policy Statement, and the Web Site User Agreement. These are helpful and important documents.

As you begin each visit to, it is always a good idea to click on the "Refresh" Button (Internet Explorer) or the "Reload" Button (Netscape) which is located on the Tool Bar at the top of your browser. This ensures that the freshest information will always be displayed for you.

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This web site is designed to be operated principally by the navigation column on the left side of the Home Page ( This area of the home page is highlighted by a narrow black stripe Example of the left side Menu Highlight bar! on its left side. You can easily move to different chapters and pages of by using these menu bar links, in the column on the left side of your screen.

There is a "Chapter Titles" page that can function as a map of active web site pages, and also it provides an overview of the structure and content of the entire web site, chapter by chapter, page by page, as published and revised for viewing on that visit.

Look for links to some of our 'housekeeping' and other helpful pages at the top and bottom of the home page, and at the bottom of many of the other pages.

For information regarding new material of consequence, the latest important revisions to content on or timely events or issues that may be of particular interest, check out the "What Is New" Page.

There are some rather special members of the family, each with a particular area of service. You will encounter these 'individuals' as you move around Learn to look for them; they will help you find the information needed. Now may be a good time for an introduction!

Of Special Interest on!
Of Special Interest on! Of Special Interest on!
"Doc" on! 
Meet 'Doc.' This man of family medicine has been around and seen it all. He is a retired 'old school' pro. His vast experience makes him less than certain that the 'powers that be' are telling us all of the things that we may need to know about the Blood supply. Doc will present the skeptical view of the establishment.

"Dr. Collins" on!

Now we greet Dr. Collins. Graduating at the top of his class from a prestigious university medical school, he knows his business, and goes by the book. He stays up to date on the latest information in his specialty. Dr. Collins is a believer in the fact that our Blood is the primary indicator of most medical problems. When he says something, it is good to listen.

"Susan, RN" on!

Next in our family of care givers, is Susan, R. N. Schooled up to date, Susan has been at the right hand of the doctor for many years. As we visit "The Doctors," like every other trip to the doctor, Susan tells us in plain words what the Doctor has said and how to apply it in our lives. Just as in real life, we all depend on a Susan every time we see the doctor.

Now for some of the finer points. is presented in a "windowing" format. Rather than navigate from page to page, as you click on an icon or page link, a "minor" or "child" window will open to display the selected page, paragraph or notation. provides hundreds of pages. This page opening technique allows the viewing of several pages at one time, and since each viewing normally starts at that same left side navigation column, there is less chance of getting lost.

To ensure that our visitors always know where they are on the site, we provide some aids to help with navigation. Following here we have provided some examples.

Of Special Interest on!   - Highlights an area of special interest on
Link -   - Click to link to more information on the subject.
  - Click on the text to close the active top window
|| Leukemia ||   - Top of page nav bar; a click moves down to the chosen topic
Click up to Top!    - Click icon to go to the top of page
Click up to Top!    - In the bottom right corner, this bug takes you to the page top
Click Up to the Top!   - Bottom of the page, up to top arrows
Return to the Menu!    - End of each category; back up to menu arrow
  - Prints the active top page

  - Click on the text to bookmark the top open window 

  - Click on the text to bookmark the web site
Click for more information -!    - When you see this icon, click for more info in a new window

:: HOME ::

  - Bottom of page nav bar; a click moves to a new page

When your mouse pointer "hovers" a picture or a graphic image ( Example of mouse over information! ), a small box will appear under the mouse pointer with information about that image.

An "active" word opens a window containing a chapter or a picture or informational connection. This word is colored differently than other words in the body of text on that page. Also, you may have already noticed, as you place your mouse over the colored word, that word becomes underlined. That underlined word or phrase is a link to a pertinent resource. Examples of the different colors used here in navigation: LINK NOT YET VISITED and LINK ALREADY VISITED. An ACTIVE LINK, in addition to the appropriate color, will become underlined when touched by a mouse pointer.

If you are lost in one of the branches of, we advise you to repeatedly click on the "BACK" button on the upper left of your browser control panel. If you see that you have a window that is open, and covering the source or "parent" (underlying original) page, you can click on the Big "X" Button in the upper right corner of the covering window. Another way to close the "covering" page is to click on the close window area at the top right of the page, and the window will close.

At very bottom of every page is the   " Last updated 01/10/2002 "  tag, that will tell you exactly when that particular page was last modified.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, try our Search page or the SEARCH box at the top of the Home page. There is also a link to the Search Page on the upper right Navigation Bar of the Home Page. Additionally, there is a search function on each of the more complex and lengthy pages. A link to the Search Page is also found under the "Help and Community" area of the left navigation column, near the black stripes.

To look for a specific word or subject, click your mouse cursor on "Edit" on the toolbar at the top of your browser. Then click on "Find in Page" (Netscape) or "Find (on this page)" (Explorer). In the window that opens, enter a word for what you wish to find. The spelling must be exact. Leave the "Match Case" box blank.

The web site is divided into the following functional areas, each found on the left navigation column, highlighted with the red  Main Category! :

Up Front - Under this heading we find topics that introduce us. We want you to know more about and how to get the most out of it. Also, here we provide you with a glimpse of some of the realities of the Blood Business.
Up Front Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Blood Information - Under the Blood Information heading there are several sub headings..... we seek to convey information on Blood in general, Blood Types, Rare Blood and some detail on the stark facts of Bad Blood. 
Blood Information Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Giving and Getting Blood - Under this heading we find topics that detail what to expect when we get Blood and when we give blood. Here we begin reviewing the facts about the safest blood that you can have..... your own.
Giving and Getting Blood Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Blood Testing - This grouping of chapters details Blood testing options. We outline fully the great benefits to each of us of annual Blood tests, and much more. 
Blood Testing Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Links - This heading covers groupings of handy links, by category.
Links Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Resources - Here is gold mine of Reading lists and more! 
Resources Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Forms and PaperworkGrouped here are representations of the various Forms, and a view of some of the paperwork commonly seen in Blood related situations.
Forms and Paperwork Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Help and Community - The place on the where we mutually exchange views on the various topics and situations common to Blood.
Help and Community Chapter and Paragraph Details!

Answers to Questions and general feedback at

About web site operational issues and aesthetics; e-mail the WebMaster.
Comments and questions about documents and web page content;
e-mail the DocMaster.
If you have a problem making something work, we are here to serve;
e-mail the techies, help is on the way!
The GuestBook is a page provided for our visitors to leave all general comments and questions. This is also a great place to ask a question.
The Contribution/Participation Page provides a view of the proven and accepted path to becoming a Contributor to BloodBook,com.

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