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West Nile virus, the mosquito-borne viral disease once totally unknown in the Western world, has as of August 15, 2003, spread from Maine to Florida, Washington D. C. to the California and every state except two in between. At this writing only Oregon and Nevada have not reported active verified cases.

West Nile virus was first reported discovered in the United States in 1999 in New York’s Long Island City, Queens. It reportedly claimed the lives of seven people and caused serious illness in over 60 others in nearby New York and New Jersey. Since that time there are well over 200 reported deaths and over 4000 reported cases.

This serious disease, surrounded in unanswered questions, had all but disappeared from feature media coverage until the twin sensations in 2002 involving the Blood borne transmission, from one human to another, of the virus. The first of those focuses on a transfusion/organ transplant incident involving a woman in a hospital who received Blood from over 60 donors. Yes, believe it or not, 60 different donors! She died in Atlanta on the first day of August, 2002. Her organs were subsequently put in the donated organ pool. Those infected organs passed along the deadly virus. The second, an incident in Mississippi where a woman who received 18 units of Blood during an obstetrical procedure in July, also became infected. These are tragedies that cry out for a quality explanation. Last year, the record that claims only 23 people were found to have been infected with the West Nile virus through Blood transfusions.

To this date, the mainstream media finds the West Nile virus story to be too much work to report. This endemic emergency gets mere mention, rarely.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a new experimental (August 2003) screening that process flagged 163 Blood donations infected with the West Nile virus. This shows that the West Nile virus can be effectively screened. That is 163 infected Blood donations out of only 1000 units tested!

It seems to us here at BloodBook.com that the majority of those in the media and their supervising editors are content to compose their reports from FAXes issued, and the web site updates posted by, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. That is the easy and cheap way out for the media as they unquestioningly present the material provided by the Blood establishment. We feel that this reporting technique does not serve the public well.

Following, in no particular order, is a list of questions to which we would like quality answers. Each question is based on information submitted privately and anonymously to BloodBook.com or on reports that we have seen, needing some follow-up. At the end of each question is a button to submit the answer and the source thereof.

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Questions that the Media MUST Get Answered

INQUIRY - It has been widely reported that the organ donor in the 2002 'transplant incident' had "received Blood transfusions before death from over 60 donors."

1 - We would like to know exactly how many units of "Blood" the organ donor received before death.
2 - From exactly how many donors did each unit of "Blood" come?
3 - Exactly what kind of "Blood" was the donor given? Was whole Blood transfused? Plasma? Platelets? See Blood Products Link
4 - Which of, and how many of, the units of "Blood" administered were drawn from Blood products provided in association with Blood pooling centers? See Blood Pooling Link
5 - How many others received Blood products from those same possibly contaminated batches of Blood product in question?
6 - Was all of the Blood transfused at the hospital or was there some transfusion performed at the accident scene?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

INQUIRY - We read that "the donated organs in that incident may have transmitted the West Nile virus to the recipients of those organs."

1 - How could the West Nile virus have gotten into those donated organs? Could it have been carried through the donor's circulatory system by their Blood?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

QUESTION - How long was the organ donor at the scene of the accident before being placed in an ambulance and transported to the hospital?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

QUESTION - Is there a written plan to cope with a West Nile virus outbreak? Is there a national plan? Are there regional plans? Where can a copy of these plans be found?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

INQUIRY - The West Nile virus did not originate in the United States. What does the international community have to contribute?

1 - Where in the world did the West Nile virus originate?
2 - How are those countries coping with the outbreak(s)?
3 - Is the United Nations involved with these overseas solutions?
4 - Where do these countries get their Blood tested?
5 - What are the names and contact points of those who administer West Nile virus programs in other countries?
6 - What is the name of the Centers for Disease Control individual who is in contact with these overseas West Nile virus authorities?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

INQUIRY - We read that "mosquitoes carry the West Nile virus" to humans, cats, dogs, horses and other animals.

1 - What are all of the other viruses that mosquitoes carry from person to person?
2 - How is it that the HIV related virus group is not transmitted in the same way as the West Nile virus is in these cases? Please be specific?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

INQUIRY - We are assured that the "Blood supply is safer than it has ever been."

1 - Exactly how many different tests are performed on every unit of donated Blood?
2 - What is each of those tests designed to reveal?
3 - Is all Blood transfused from the "public" Blood supply subjected to the same minimum tests and tested the same, no matter where it was drawn or where it is transfused, or who performed the services?
4 - Why is there not one more test performed? For instance, if there are 12 tests performed now, why is that number of tests not 13 of more?
5 - Who determines what testing, and the standards of testing, performed on Blood collected in the United States?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

INQUIRY - We read that "Blood samples are being tested in Fort Collins Colorado."

1 - What is the exact name of the lab that is testing these Blood samples in question?
2 - Are all of the samples being tested there?
3 - Why were samples being sent to Colorado rather than the state-of-the-art facilities at CDC in Georgia (very close, geographically, to the center of the action?)
4 - Why is there only one reported location testing these samples? Is there no control?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

QUESTION - Are there alternatives to Blood transfusion? If so, what are all of them?

Please submit quality answer(s) HERE.

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